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CBT training in Milton Keynes


Motorcycle Training in Milton Keynes

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CBT motorcycle training Milton Keynes

Indoor motorcycle training in Milton Keynes

For the next few months, we are offering indoor CBT training in Milton Keynes! Our CBT training facility is full DVSA approved and is a unique way to learn to ride in Milton Keynes, as we are the only facility of this kind in Milton Keynes and quite possibly the UK. Based at Formula Fast […]

Mod 1 practice in Milton Keynes… 

Not quite up to speed, but good enough for a pass with a driver fault… 

CBT motorcycle training Milton Keynes

CBT training in Milton Keynes – what you should know…

CBT training in Milton Keynes What you should expect… If the truth be told, we are not the place to come if you are expecting CBT training to be a walk in the park, leading up to a guaranteed CBT certificate at the end of the day. Compulsory Basic Training was introduced to reduce the […]

motorcycle training in London

Andrea Collins reviewed Rebel Dogg Motorcycle Training – 5 star 15 March · What great people. Give you nothing but their time . Explain everything. Would highly recommend them

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motorcycle training in London

Tess J Eagles reviewed Rebel Dogg Motorcycle Training – 5 star 25 September 2016 · Just wanted to say a huge thank you to Rebel Dogg and in particularly Wez for helping me through my CBT training. I will definitely be back one way or another to get my full license. Excellent training, no messing about, great advice and told it as it was. Paulina an absolute star for keeping me full of coffee and entertained - read your terms & conditions guys!!! And don't try to zip up your jacket to your visibility vest... Doh!!!!!

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motorcycle training in London

Lucas Crofton reviewed Rebel Dogg Motorcycle Training – 5 star 10 April · Awesome! Everything from the customer service to the riding instructor. Did my Mod 2 with half a day training, passed. Couldn't ask for a better place to go to, friendly, helpful, funny....... would recommend anyone wanting to learn to ride, visit these guys! Thanks again

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motorcycle training in London

Danni Pudney reviewed Rebel Dogg Motorcycle Training – 5 star 28 March 2016 · Passed my CBT recently and it was an amazing experience! The instructors are great and have a wealth of experience and knowledge but more importantly have a great sense humour! I loved every minute of my CBT and booking it with Paulina was fun! If you want to learn more than the basics of riding and love people with big personalities, you need to come here! Thanks so much to everyone at Rebel Dogg!

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motorcycle training in London

Robert Lugg reviewed Rebel Dogg Motorcycle Training – 5 star 3 March · I have always wanted to take my full licence. I used to ride as a teenager and never found the time once I started work. I intend to commute to my office in Coventry and decided to use a motorbike. Initially I thought I'd just take my CBT and stick to a 125cc machine, but the training was so good and I felt so at ease I decided to take my direct access training. I had a great time. It's intense, but really worth it. Instructors with their heads firmly planted on their shoulders. Lots of good tips and complete honesty - which you need to keep you upright and alive on the roads. If you're thinking about it, talk to these guys. Candid and open and that helps more than anything. Do it, call them.

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motorcycle training in London

Michael Bird ★★★★★ 2 months ago After first completing my CBT back in 2014, I had let it lapse and was keen to get this renewed so I can continue my path on to the DAS. At the time, I was getting emails from Groupon about local deals, and what should pop up - CBT with Rebel Dogg Riders! I was a bit skeptical at first, and the cost was pretty much half of what it normally is! Skepticism aside, I decided to go for it, afterall, the CBT isn't really a test, but an assessment to ensure you are safe on the road and know what you are doing. They say you shouldn't skimp on price when it comes to motorcycle training, but in this case, I would have happily paid the normal price! Wesley was the trainer for the day...he certainly knows what he is doing, very thorough and ensures you have a good understanding of what you have been taught and will correct you in places before proceeding to the next step. The equipment that is loaned is in very good condition, so proves that this places takes pride in not only their training, but their equipment too. It was great fun, some laughs were had and overall a fantastic day out! I would highly recommend Rebel Dogg Riders for any of your training needs, and the fact they keep in touch with old students is great and they plan for rideouts too with the old students! Awesome!

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motorcycle training in London

Martin West ★★★★★ 5 months ago I have been asked by Alex to do a review of my experience with Rebel Dogg so here goes First off I used to ride 125cc bikes some 30 years ago and as my son was turning 16 in may I thought it would be a good idea to get back into bikes to help him learn to ride his scooter. I did my CBT in march with a one man band in Dunstable and passed no problem only to find out later the training I should have hadn't happened Day 1 with Rebel Dogg spent with Simon on a 125cc bike with car park training for mod1 and on the road training for mod2 all went well and I was very confident As I now had the training missing from my CBT Day2 650cc training with Wesley now the nerves started but Wes kept me calm and made the morning of mod 1 training fun and the afternoon on the road went well even though it was drizzling and cold Day 3 Spent the morning training for mod 1 with Alex getting confidence with the off road part of the test Alex was very calm and precise with instructions and although I was still scared of the bike off we went to Weedon in the afternoon and I passed with 3 minors. Day 4 mod 2 and this is where the anxiety kicked in and I fell apart 3 serious faults and 7 minor faults we road back from Kettering and I was a mess when we got back Alex asked what went wrong as I can obviously ride the bike I said it was nerves and went home absolutely gutted with another mod 2 booked in 2 weeks time. Over the 2 weeks my anxiety got worse to the point I was thinking about giving up so I spoke to Paulina who said Alex has been trained in Hypnotherapist and a Life Coach and suggested I sit down with him on the day to discuss the problem. Mod 2 again Fist off I threw up because of nerves but did my best to stay calm and got myself to Bletchley where Wesley was waiting for me but instead of going out we waited for Alex my nerves still in pieces, When Alex arrived we sat in the back office and he calmly talked through my problem with me for about 30 minutes. So feeling a bit better me and Wes set off for Banbury and by the time we got there I was convinced I was going to fail so when it was time for my test I had had time to think over what Alex had said and decided to go out thinking it was just a ride out and just keep in mind the stuff Alex had said and guess what I passed with no faults at all. I would just like to thank the Rebel Dogg team for there time and especially Alex for sorting my anxiety out

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motorcycle training in London

Rebecca lee ★★★★★ 2 months ago I initially did my CBT with Rebel Dogg Motorcycle and loved it so much I immediately signed up for one of their Direct Access Course which I completed with the help of Wesley and Alex. They were extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and professional during the entire course and Pauline had been a great help throughout!

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motorcycle training in London

Paul Moore Having encouraged my son to get his bike license he returned the encouragement, so I looked for a local company to take my first step... 125 manual cbt. I found Rebel Dogg online booked my course and had an excellent time. Wez, the instructor, was extremely professional, patient and injected a great deal of fun into the day. Will be back there to do my DAS soon. Thanks guys for a great experience.

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motorcycle training in London

★★★★★ 2 months ago I Took My Direct Access Course with rebel Dogg, after researching all the other local training providers and I am glad I did! all the staff were friendly and Down to earth. I thoroughly enjoyed my training and am looking forward to returning for some post test/advanced training this year! - J Longman

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