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Refresher training is for those of you who hold full bike licenses, but haven’t been in the saddle for a few years…

refresher training in Milton KeynesMotorcycling can be a daunting prospect with modern road conditions so much busier than 10/15/25 years ago. With 30 years of experience, our chief instructor can remember the days when it was possible to go out on a Sunday in London for a ride and see no cars! So refresher training is probably a great idea…

So taking this into consideration and balancing it against the freedom, pleasure and excitement motorcycling can offer, we strive to teach you old dogs all the new tricks and get you up to date with all the latest Direct Access Scheme procedures, techniques and survival knowledge, bringing you up to modern test standards.

Our prices for refresher training lessons are fully inclusive of all bike hire, fuel, insurance, equipment hire (helmets jackets, gloves etc) – furthermore, you can decide whether to do your motorcycle training on a 125cc or 650cc motorcycle, depending on how you feel.

Why not take the opportunity to increase your knowledge and skills with an Enhanced Rider Scheme (ERS) course? With one of our highly experienced instructors you will get a chance to really improve your riding.

We suggest you consider an ERS riding course on your own bike, once you have brought yourself up to speed with the basics and reconnected yourself to the joys of motorcycling.