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CBT motorcycle training Milton Keynes

Indoor motorcycle training in Milton Keynes

For the next few months, we are offering indoor CBT training in Milton Keynes!

Our CBT training facility is full DVSA approved and is a unique way to learn to ride in Milton Keynes, as we are the only facility of this kind in Milton Keynes and quite possibly the UK.
Based at Formula Fast Indoor Karting in Bletchley, this motorcycle training option is ideal for the winter months, especially if it is pouring with rain!

Mod 1 practice in Milton Keynes… 

Not quite up to speed, but good enough for a pass with a driver fault… 

CBT motorcycle training Milton Keynes

CBT training in Milton Keynes – what you should know…

CBT training in Milton Keynes

CBT training in Milton Keynes

What you should expect…

If the truth be told, we are not the place to come if you are expecting CBT training to be a walk in the park, leading up to a guaranteed CBT certificate at the end of the day. Compulsory Basic Training was introduced to reduce the casualty rate amongst young and inexperienced riders – if you are in either both of those categories, you may want to stop and consider for a moment what you are getting involved in.

CBT training in Milton Keynes with Rebel Dogg Riders, is a whole day of work!

During this day, we have to teach you to ride a motorcycle or scooter safely, to the required standards as demanded by the DVSA. This is not a very high standard, but we make no secret about the fact that we are very strict about who gets to go on the road. Everyone learns at different rates, so it is impossible to say until we get stuck in exactly who is going to have what challenges to overcome.

However: Be warned… if you do NOT drive a car, or no previous riding experience to CBT standard, this can be a very difficult day. It is essential that you arrive on the day with a working knowledge of the highway code and to have done some kind of studying on the subject of driving in the UK.

We expect you to take responsibility for this in advance of your training day, to help enable us to get you through the CBT in one day if possible. If you don’t make this effort, it might very well result in you having to do more training, spend more money and take longer to get on the road.

CBT training in Milton Keynes





With your CBT training in Milton Keynes, you can expect to go through the entire CBT syllabus, as detailed by the DVSA. CBT Training should start at 8:30 to 9:00 am and not finish until 3:30 pm at the earliest, or 5:30 pm /6:00 pm if you are in a second group of students going on the road.

If you decide to do your CBT training elsewhere, these are just a few things to look out for to help you ensure that you are getting what you have paid for and should be taught!

  • Short road rides: Anything less than 2 hours on the road is ILLEGAL
  • There should be no more than 2 students on the road with 1 instructor (unless there is another instructor in tow)
  • Every student should be equipped with a working radio unit connecting with the instructor
  • Termination of road ride/course due to rain is nonsensical unless an Ark is spotted… surprising how often we hear this one!
  • Not being taught how to do emergency stops is totally unacceptable
  • Being shouted at, sworn at or abused in any way is totally unacceptable. You no more have to put up with bullying or unpleasant behaviour whilst learning to ride, than you would going shopping in Tesco, from the staff there.
CBT motorcycle training Milton Keynes

Ride a motorcycle in Milton Keynes

If you want to ride a motorcycle in Milton Keynes, you need to start with a CBT, which is a training day to qualify your provisional license.

5 things you MUST do before taking your CBT (especially if you don’t drive)
  1. Send off for your  provisional license
  2. Study the highway code/do a theory test
  3. Make sure you have jeans and boots for the training day
  4. Make sure you know where you are going for training so you will be on time

If you have any questions about learning to ride a motorcycle in Milton Keynes, please do not hesitate to call our friendly team for advise. Refer to the chart below to get a full understanding of the age and machine size limitations.

After the CBT training day, once you have reached the required standard, you will be looking at continuing on the journey of learning how to ride a motorcycle in Milton Keynes!

Learn to ride a motorcycle in Milton Keynes



















Direct Access Scheme courses will provide you with all the training you will need to complete the DVSA practical driving tests:

5 things you should know about the practical motorcycle test

  1. There are 2 practical tests!
  2. You can take it on a 125cc for a full A1 licence, 47 BHP bike for an A2, or 650cc full power bike for the full CAT A
  3. All age groups can take a full bike test,  there is one for everyone!
  4. You won’t be taken to test until you are 100% ready to pass
  5. You will need your CBT certificate,  theory test certificate and driving licence on the day of your mod 1 and the same for mod 2, plus MOD1 pass certificate.

And then this will happen!:


CBT motorcycle training Milton Keynes

Pass the motorcycle test!

To pass the motorcycle test, you will be challenging yourself to a journey of self discovery and unexpected pleasures!

Pass the motorcycle test with Rebel Dogg Riders!


Sounds a bit mystical, but when was the last time you really set yourself a task? When did you last decide to do something a bit scary, a bit risky and requiring you to dig deep to find solutions within yourself? Pass the motorcycle test with Rebel Dogg Riders!

Someone once said that we are defined by problems… our ability to overcome obstacles, face difficulty, prevail and push through difficulties is what gives us strength, confidence and ultimately helps us to grow and develop as healthy human beings. How can that happen if you shy away from a challenge? How can that be possible if you just give up when things get hard?

Motorcycling is a rewarding, rugged, outdoor activity for those who enjoy engaging in skillful activities, adrenaline sports and life’s more exciting pursuits… If you want to pass the motorcycle test,you gotta commit and dig deep! We are here to help you on that journey and this is what makes our own journey so interesting…



There is only one thing in the way to your success… YOU!

If you never give up, you’ll get there in the end and pass the motorcycle test with flying colours. Our recent student Sam, pictured above, has just passed her module 2 motorcycle test with us, having had a bit of a struggle getting to grips with module 1, which was more of a test of her ability to control exam nerves than demonstrate any skill, which she had relentlessly trained and honed.

With some special tuition from our Fearless Training program, we were able to effectively deal with this issue in a short time. We are very proud of her achievement and quite frankly, Sam is a pleasure to ride with, as she has learned so much along the way. Fearless Training is unique to Rebel Dogg Riders, ask us about this special program if you think you will find any aspect of your motorcycle training overly stressful. We want you to pass the motorcycle test first time and have the tolls to make this possible!