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CBT Plus

CBT Plus

CBT+ is extra training for very inexperienced riders and non car drivers, learning to drive a motorbike for the first time.

We encourage new riders to undertake as much training as possible at this stage of their journey into motorcycling. We believe that additional CBT training for riders learning to drive a motorbike for the first time, is a must.

There is no substitute for motorcycle rider training!

Extending the road riding element of the CBT a further 4 hours, to ensure that inexperienced riders get all the advantages of a professional instructor’s experience, is invaluable.

Learning to drive a motorbike

CBT in Milton Keynes is a day long course, designed to cover as many elements as possible to ensure an adequate standard for riders to be allowed on the road. This not a very high standard compared to the test standards required, to be a fully qualified rider. The key word here is “learner” – hence the L plates.

Learning to drive a motorbike is not simple! If you are not a driver already or have zero experience of riding motorbikes, we  recommended that you consider extra training.

Our 2 day CBT+  training course is competitively priced. Students will be offered discounts if they want to add elements to the course. You can’t have too much CBT training! 

Call us today to discuss CBT in Milton Keynes and make time to learn to ride beyond CBT standard.