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Once you have passed your theory test and completed your CBT training you will be ready for Direct Access motorcycle training, which is where the fun really begins!

You will be graduating onto larger 650cc motorcycles, learning to safely control these off road, before getting to grips with all the excitement of riding on the roads.

Our intensive motorbike training courses will prepare you for the Direct Access motorcycle test. This is woven into your motorbike course, as it is spread over 2 modules with a whole heap of riding in between. Your Direct Access motorcycle training course will include a minimum of 20 hours of motorcycle rider training, split up over 4/5 or 6 days.

Extra hours of training can be easily arranged and provision for this will be considered when booking your course.

The Direct Access motorbike test is split into 2 modules. See the videos below for a full explanation of the Direct Access motorcycle test and what you can expect on the day.