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Parent info

Parent info

It can be an anxious time for parents when teenagers are about to take to our busy roads

We are here to help.DAS motorcycle training

Your teenager will need to complete Compulsory Basic Training (CBT), to qualify their provisional license, this will then give them the right to ride on the road legally, with L Plates front and rear, as learner riders. Rider training is paramount and you should consider investing in as much motorcycle instruction as possible

Our CBT in Milton Keynes is a very thorough course and helps teenagers learn about motorcycles as well as how to ride safely on our busy roads

CBT+ should be a course parents are keen for their teenagers to complete. Extra motorbike lessons will ensure that inexperienced riders learn how to ride a motorbike properly!

Parent information pack

We have prepared a free information pack for parents wanting to know what they will need to consider with a teenager heading out onto the roads, CBT in hand!

  • Insurance
  • Clothing and safety equipment
  • MOT
  • What bike/scooter?
  • Theory test
  • Highway code

For a free parent information pack detailing the benefits of encouraging your teenager to consider the A1 Direct Access motorcycle test, please call 01908 904 175