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Kawasaki Versys 650 review 2014

Kawasaki Versys 650 review 2014

Kawasaki Versys 650

Trusty steed… and some boots!

We try to kill the Versys!

Motorcycle training is hard on motorcycles… in fact my students will recall my commenting that if you sin in this life, you will be reborn in the next as a CBT bike, or nearly as bad: an instructor bike!

I bought this Kawasaki Versys KLE650 in February 2013, on my way to get a Honda Crossrunner, which was on sale in the same showroom. The Honda looked great, but sat next to it was this little guy, with luggage and heated grips…and 1K cheaper… I bought it on the spot and didn’t even test ride it.

I had never owned a Kawasaki before, despite a brief affair with an old ZZR600, which I quickly sold to a student in fear of my license… this bike was therefore a bit of a punt, based on a vague recollection of hearing good things about it. I bought it in the middle of Winter, so having smothered it in ACF 50, I first took it out in some horrible conditions, for a ride to Aylesbury from Banbury – temperatures at 2 degrees. And I loved it.

This little bike has proven itself to be the swiss army knife of motorcycles and quite simply the best instructor bike I have ever owned. As long as they keep making them, I will always have one!

I have ridden this bike ever since, full time, all year round, professionally.. and it has done nothing wrong, not even missed a beat.

It has had 3 major services, 2 tire changes, a chain and sprocket and it just works it’s heart out all day long 5 days a week. It does CBTs at 30 mph, DAS, motorways, long haul, London riding, fast, slow, 2 up… it does it all and in comfort too.

Economical, punchy and a hoot to ride, this bike is worth a look at as your first machine. The ER6 powered range is a great place to start and the Versys is just outstanding. In fact this bike is still working full time as an instructor bike as part of our Kawasaki fleet and I have upgraded to the 1000cc Versys, which will be reviewed soon!