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I must find motorcycle training near me!

CBT motorcycle training Milton Keynes

I must find motorcycle training near me!

“So I need to find motorcycle training near me…”


One of the most common considerations with people wanting to learn to ride a motorcycle is location of the training school.. “I want to do my motorcycle training near me…”  is often heard when bookings are being discussed, especially with regard to the location of the test centres.

What is often overlooked is the fact that although there may be a certain convenience factor to finding a local training school, it is rare to find a combination of local school with local test centres and even those will not always be able t0 book every test at these locations.

motorcycle training near me

Another trip to the test site!


Riding to and from test centres is very much a part of the training schedule for new riders. A combination of new and challenging situations will present themselves along the way and frankly… miles in the saddle is what it is all about.

Another thing to consider is that Module 1 tests are the same wherever you go! These are conducted off road at multi purpose test centres (MPTCs) or temporary off road sites. So it does not matter one bit where these are located, the test is the same wherever you go…

So the next time you think ” I need to find motorcycle training near me” – look around and see what the options are!