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Are you wondering how to get a motorbike license?

We have tried to include as much information on this site as possible, to make it as clear as possible how to proceed and get a motorbike license or CBT. We understand that it can all be very confusing, so please do give us a call in the office if you are not sure how to get a motorbike license, or what to do next or to talk through what you are hoping to achieve.

  • Rebel Dogg Riders provide all you need to train at all levels and stages of rider training and we have all the kit you will need, to either borrow or purchase.
  • Our site benefits from a large off road training area for safe learning during your motorbike lessons
  • Learn how to get a motorbike license in Milton Keynes, even if you have never driven before! All we ask as a minimum, is that you can ride a bicycle as we really can’t teach you otherwise.
  • We have on site toilets for all
  • Heated classroom
  • Well maintained motorbikes
  • Friendly instructors who have a wealth of experience
  • Helmets, jackets and other kit for sale
  • Coffee and tea free on site
  • Site is 5 minutes from the A5
  • 10 minutes from Junction 13 of the M1
  • Free parking on site

Frequently asked questions about how to learn to ride a motorcycle. Rider training in Milton Keynes.

Q: “Can I drive a moped on a full car license?”

A: If you passed your test before the 1st of February 2001, you can ride a 50cc moped without L plates or CBT training. However it is advised that you complete CBT training.

Q:”Do I have to do all the training days in a row (It sounds exhausting!)”

A: No you don’t. We spread the course over 2 weeks, to ensure that should there be any mis-hap on your module 1 test, that there is adequate time to cancel the module 2 test and avoid losing fees. Motorcycle training courses are also structured to your convenience as far as possible.

Q:” Why can’t I do my module 1 test in my home town?”

A: We have to travel to module 1 test sites, as the DSA neglected to build any MPTC sites near any of our home sites. However, this is not a problem because the off road element is a fixed test, regardless of where you take it. It’s the same everywhere! Additionally, you benefit from extended road rides to and from the test centres, giving you a wider variety of road riding experiences.

Q” Are all your motorcycle training fees fully inclusive of ALL costs?”

A: Absolutely. Without question. YES.

Q:” Do you cater for female motorcycle students?”

A: We have great experience of training female riders and strive to organize female only training groups wherever possible. In fact we are quite proud of our track record in this area 🙂

Q:”Do you organise the motorcycle theory test for me?”

A: We can do, especially when we need to arrange a complicated schedule for you. Or you can do it yourself, using the links we provide on our web site

Q:”Can I do motorcycle training at the week ends?”

A: Yes you can, but obviously these are busy days for us so a as much notice as possible please, especially in the summer!

Q:” Can I do my motorcycle test at the week end?”

A: Yes you can. Module 1 tests can be booked on Sundays if we are given enough notice (they are rare). Module 2 tests however are always week day events.

Q:” Is the CBT a TEST? – what happens if I fail?”

A: The CBT is not a test, it is a training day. So you cannot fail it! However, you will need to reach a minimum standard of skill and competence as judged by your instructor before being allowed on the roads.

Q:”What happens if I fail my module 1 test?”

A: You will have to wait 3 working days before taking another test, so no big deal with this one. Retake fees include your test fees and a fee for bike hire / instructor time to take you to test.

Q:”What happens if I fail my module 2 test?”

A: You will have to wait 10 working days before retaking this test :(. Retake fees include your test fees and a fee for bike hire /instructor time to take you to test.