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Motorcycle Instructor Training…

Motorcycle Instructor Training…


motorcycle instructor training in London and milton keynes


Do you think you could teach people how to ride motorcycles?

Becoming a motorcycle instructor will enable you to help people enjoy the passion and excitement that got you into the saddle in the first place. Motorcycle instructor training is now available with our experienced team.

This is a rewarding job, working outside, teaching, riding and experiencing each student’s  journey first hand for total job satisfaction. Teaching at all levels from CBT training to Direct Access big bike training, the job of a motorcycle instructor is never boring or routine!

Training programs for professional instructors

Courses cover:

What’s involved?

Motorcycle instructor training course work will include theory and practical on site training with live students, role play with lesson practice sessions and practical on road training sessions with both live students and instructors delivering one to one instruction. You will be expected to study hard and do homework! The quicker you learn, the faster you can progress towards employment, so it is quite simply a matter of how much you want to put into it.

Do I need books and stuff? Course notes and learning aids will be provided for each candidate, along with theory test study aids, to help you to achieve the highest possible level of theoretical  knowledge.

What do I need to bring? Radio equipment and riding gear can be provided if needed for motorcycle instructor training purposes.

Motorcycle instructor training

Off road DAS training

Do I need to have ridden for years? You will need to have held a full Category A motorcycle license for at least 3 years and it needs to be clean. It will obviously be a big help if you have had many years in the saddle, but it is not mandatory to be an old war horse! 

Are there exams to pass? Sorry.. yes. You will need to pass a number of exams, with the Driving and Vehicle Standards Agency qualifications to allow you to teach as a fully qualified DVSA instructor. Additionally, you will be check tested by the  DVSA every 2 years.